Our team and travelbuses



Our team

We are perfectly attuned to meeting our customers’ high demands and expectations. We want you to enjoy your stay and your excursions. Professional competence and expertise, a friendly attitude and the readiness to always organize the trip according to your requirements, those are the priorities we set.

Your English speaking travelconsultant

Mr. Uwe Endler & his team will give you all information you need for your travel.


For your safety we have a German bank account.

Uwe Wendler
Treuhandkonto Lotus Lao South
IBAN: DE22 1508 0000 0282 3755 01

Our minibuses

You will find that we always put modern and air-conditioned minibuses at your disposal. We guarantee that all vehicles are properly checked and maintained, and that our experienced drivers will ensure your safety on the occasionally challenging road conditions in Laos


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