Early Bird Discount

We welcome early bookings. This facilitates the process of organizing your trip. And that explains why we grant a 10 percent discount on the price indicated. This naturally applies to all of the modules we offer. Only last-minute prices and special offers are excluded from this discount. To get your early bird discount, please submit your binding reservation up to 60 days prior to your departure date, and make sure we receive your advance payment of 50 percent of the total price at the latest 14 days prior to your departure date – the date of crediting to our account being decisive.The discount will be set off against payment of the balance due at departure date at the latest.

Last-Minute Offers

Last-minute offers are generally available when you book at our office in Pakse, since these offers are actually last-minute seats. Last-minute offers are generally not considered for additional discounts. We can not guarantee the availability of last-minute offers.

Special trips

Special trips are those that we organize on fixed dates and with a specially selected tour guide. These trips are always restricted to a given number of participants. Special trips offer the advantage of top quality at lower prices. The tour guides on special trips are either German or English native speakers or otherwise especially qualified. You can be sure that on special trips you will gain in-depth insight into the Laotian culture and life style. Special trips always require a minimum number of participants. The price of a special trip is not subject to discount.

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