LLT001 – Laos travels - Boat excursion to Champasak, Wat Phou


Let us take you on a boat excursion on the Mekong River. Destination: the Wat Phou temple ruins. The ancient Khmer temples of Wat Phou are located at the base of the “Phou Kao” mountain, some 6 km from the Mekong. The temples were built in the fifth century. The buildings and constructions which have been preserved to the present day date from the 11th to 13th centuries. Wat Phou was part of the Khmer empire, the centre of which was more to the south-west, in Angkor. The temple ruins have been inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list since 2001.

The boat tour will take you from Pakse to Champasak within 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the River’s water level. Along the way, you will take pleasure in contemplating the scenic beauty of the surroundings and bustling life on the River where fishermen earn their daily bread.

Whereas in Pakse, the Mekong is approx. 1.5 km wide, you will observe an ever more diverse landscape on our way south-west, particularly after about an hour, with the special charm of several tiny islands adding to the fascination.

Pictures of the trip

Our services for you, including:

  • all transfers
  • Lunch, according to the program, including non- alcoholic beverages
  • non- alcoholic beverages during the transfer
  • if booked German or English speaking guide

Price per person
(minimum 2 people):

1st and 2nd person each:
59 € / 80 US-$

each additional person: 19 € / 26 US-$
(max. number of participants: 8 People)
optional tour guide: 50 € / 60 US-$

Inquiry / Booking

Your daytrip:

07:30 am Pick up at the scheduled pick-up point

08:00 am Departure by boat from the boat dock in Pakse

10:00 am Arrival in Champasak and transfer to the ancient temple site of Wat Phou

10:30 am Visit of the historical temple site

12:30 Transfer to the “River Resort” hotel for lunch

02:00 pm Return to Pakse in an air-conditioned minibus

02:45 pm Visit of the Wat Phou Sa Lao – and an amazing view of the surroundings

04:00 pm Arrival in Pakse

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